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Friday, 26 September 2014

MOBO 2014



Thanks for your support.

Friday, 22 August 2014

UOP CUP'14 Soccer

Back Row: Kurt Smith, Kolapo Alade-Lambo, Andrew Novotny, Coral Megahy, Greg Land, Malik Haouchine, Jose Salgado, Javier Rios, Kevin Boldingh
Front Row: Dias Kazbekuly, Nam Pham, Omer Qureshi, Art Ramirez, Kelvin Obareti, Katie Rankin, Helin Cox, Pat Bullen, Alejandro Cardenas, Hung Pham, Edwin Boldingh;   Not Pictured: Cem Akatay, Luis Bougrat, Murad Gaharibeh
Back Row: Henrique Goncalves, Stuart Miller, Pedro Melendez, Luke Cho, John Mowat, Bill Harvey, Doug Nafis, Matt Lippmann, Jessica Furstenberg, Jakub Piechnik
Front Row: Andrew Chancellor, Phuong Pham, Eduardo Torres, Alexi Salgado, Scott Kongkitisupchai, Sanan Andzhaev, Chris Standing, Solomon Gebreyohannes, Honorio Vega;    Not pictured:  Ethan Guio, Beth Carter, Howie Tran
Congratulations to the Maroon Team, 5-2 winners of the 2014 (5th Annual) UOP Cup and its team captain, Alejandro Cardenas.  This year’s cup was the largest ever, with 46 participating players.  The 2014 “Golden Boot” trophy goes to Kelvin Obareti for his hat trick in the big game.   Attached are photos from the game and team party.  Special thanks to our referees and linesmen (Julian Ballarin) and to Karisma for taking most of the action photos. 

About $400 raised through the cup was donated to Unicef to purchase anti-malarial drugs for children around the world.   Once a child is infected with malaria, they have about 24 hours to reach anti-malarial treatment after which their chance of survival decreases sharply. There are about 1 million people that die each year from malaria and the majority are young African children. One packet of Anti-Malarial Drugs has 30 doses which are sent to malaria-prone communities to guard against infection. With the UOP Soccer Club donations, we were able to purchase 13 packets and save the lives of 390 children!!!

Shot on Goal!
Helen's Assistant
Great Pass From Dias

Great Save!
Good Header!
Can't Stop Me!

Kelvin did the Hat Trick on Them 
Final Score 5-2 (The Best Team Won)

Monday, 28 April 2014

Oscar Pistorius - The Blade Gunner

The circus and media frenzy surrounding the Oscar Pistorius trial is painstakingly unnecessary. 
Since when does a case that factually leans on conviction take this long? 
Oscar is like the star attraction of the show.
He plays all his cards right.
Plays the grieving fiance,
the distraught observer and 
the man with the flow of tears. 

I deeply suspect men that shed a lot of tears because it shows a bit of mental weakness. 
Can Oscar be said to suffer from mental weakness? 
A seasoned sportsman with medals cannot be said to suffer from such a defect because it takes mental toughness and a lot of grit and determination to become a champion. 
Has he applied his attributes of grit and determination in ending the life of Reeva?

Since when does exhaustion lead to postponing a case of this magnitude.
This is not a trial of an 11 year old. 
This is not the youth court. 
This is the trial of a grown man that has to face the consequences of his action.
I don't know the motive for this act, but if he committed the crime, he must surely face the consequences. Celebrity status should not guarantee special treatment. 
The law should be blind to status. 
Lady Justice does not open her eyes but weighs the balance. 
This balance has to be struck as soon as possible so that the deceased party can grieve properly.

-Written by Emmanuel Oba-

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Is Life Really About The Survival of The Fittest?

Allow me to interchange between fittest and strongest as this is the easiest way I can explain what I'm about to share with you.

In evolutionary terms, it is a common theory that the fittest survives!
However, if this is true about everything then our world will be empty today simply because:

The strong will wipe out the weak

The stronger will wipe out the strong

The strongest will wipe out the stronger and 

In the strongest league, the cycle will continue till nothing is left.

In the bible, the wisest man that ever lived said 
"I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all" -Eccleiastes 9 V 11-

In my journey through life, I have come to realise that the survival of the fittest does work with other species to an extent but in human case, it is about the ability to adapt to situations spontaneously. In the toughest situation, the fittest won't survive but those that can adapt will.

As humans we have to spend our time wisely and take chances. We must also be open to respond to situations when time and chance happens. If you have anyone you look up to, observe their life closely. You will see that they are not where they are today because no one can do it better but because they took chances and was able to adapt spontaneously.

I hope I have been able to put my point across in a way that's easy to understand. Leave comments and questions below and share :).

-Kelvin Oba-

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Spotlight- Poem (Light, Camera, Action)

What are you playing at pretending you are alright,
holding on to a broken arrow that simply won't fly,
telling lies, putting on a smile to make it seem things are fine?

The make up cover the flaws, you are right.
Others fall for the fake smile but I stand!
I stand upright observing the cracks in your foundation.

You post uplifting status but your head is down,
You tweet like you are 'saved' but deep down you are lost.
You act like life is perfect but I see through you, secretly praying for the pain to go away.

These things make me want to ask who you really are.

Who are you behind the spotlight,
without the fitted clothes,
makeup, and heels that makes you tall?

Who are you without your virtual friends,
behind your close friends,
your family and everyone you can't live without?

Who are you when the music goes off,
when you get sober from the alcohol,
when the curtains are drawn, and when the light goes off?

Who are YOU behind the spotlight?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ying Yang ( 2 sides of a love story)

You are the only rose in his garden,
The most beautiful one he's seen.
You stand out so bright,
Very pleasing to look at.
Many roses might spring forth,
But you will remain the fairest and brightest of them all.
He will water you with love and affection,
To make sure you don’t wither away.
Time have passed,
The day, replaced by night.
The ‘you’ she fell in love with is no more,
That ‘you’ is dead and gone.
The beautiful flower that was watered has withered,
Your evil ways destabilised her heartbeat.
The spring of emotions has dried up,
Her heart no longer beats for you.

Rememberance Day Poem (Heroes)

“On the roads they walked lies their dead body.
For the peace they fought for, their blood was shed.
The pain and agony they went through,
The touchy sacrifice,
The loneliness,
The shame and the persistence of our heroes yielded us victory.
The words they spoke,
The fight they fought,
The peace they sought and the precious life they lived
Speaks for them,
Even when the agony of death had shut their mouth at the going down of the sun
In the morning we shall remember these ones
And pray for their souls,
For they are our heroes
Through which the liberty of mankind was established.”

Excerpt From: Obareti, Kelvin. “Emotions and Belief.” Lulu.com, 2013-02-24. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Debate about the real owner of the breast and why men suck BREASTS!

Ever wondered who owns the breast and why men suck breast? 
You will find some interesting opinion in the video below. Someone even claimed sucking breast equals sucking blood. I don't know where that came from but oh well click the play button. Be warned! This is the funniest video I've seen since the famous Oga At The Top

Monday, 7 October 2013

Chemical Engineering Jobs 2013/2014

Below are some of the companies you should be checking out for a graduate position as a Chemical Engineer. Most companies require at least 2:1(Hon) B.Eng. I have highlighted those requiring masters level entry. Its a good practice to use your academic email (????@ac.uk) to apply for jobs. For any comment or advice, leave your comments below or contact me on kelvinoba@gmail.com

  • Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) - www.adco.ae
  • Abbott Risk Consulting (ARC)- WebPage To apply, email CV and cover letter to Jo York. [jo.york@consultarc.com]
  • Air Products - www.airproducts.com (Masters only)
  • AMEC - www.amec.com
  • Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) - WebPage To apply, call Anna Spalding on 01322443019 or send CV and cover letter to hrjobs@adm.com
  • Atkins Oil and Gas - Apply now
  • Bakerrisk Europe  - www.bakerrisk.com
  • BASF - Apply now
  • Bechtel - Apply now
  • British Sugar - Apply now
  • Caltec - WebPage To apply, send CV and cover letter to p.cook@caltec.com
  • CB&I UK - Apply Now (Masters only)
  • Costain- www.costain.com
  • CRODA- Apply now
  • Dow Corning - Apply now, alternatively send CV and cover letter to Leanne Richards. leanne.richards@downcorning.com (Masters only)
  • Exxonmobil - Apply now
  • Fabricom Oil Gas & Power - Apply now 1 Apply now 2, alternatively, send CV and cover letter to Donna Donaldson. ddonaldson@gsa-ltd.co.uk
  • Foster Wheeler- www.fwc.com (Masters only)
  • FEESA- WebPage to apply, send cv and cover letter to Adrian Johnson. adrian.johnson@feesa.net
  • GL NOBLE DENTON- Apply now
  • INEOS - Apply now
  • Ingen-Ideas - WebPage to apply, send CV and cover letter to Cheryl Newman. cheryl.newman@ingen-ideas.com
  • Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics - WebPage
  • OSL- WebPage to apply, send CV and cover letter to info@oslconsulting.com
  • Petrofac - Apply now
  • Sellafield Ltd - WebPage, alternatively send CV and cover letter to Helen Stevens.  Helen.e.stevens@sellafieldsites.com
  • Syngenta - WebPage
  • Synthomer - WebPage
  • Technip E&C Ltd - WebPage. To apply, send CV and cover letter to mkrecruit@technip.com (Masters only)
  • Woodside Energy (Australia) - WebPage
Source: tce graduate supplement, 2013.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

No Condition is Permanent

The wildest storm will become still.
No matter how long and dark a tunnel is, there will always be light at  its end.
Heavy snow fall will melt away.
No matter how heavy the rainfall, the water will dry up.
The brightest day will give way to the night.
No matter how dark the night is, the bright morning is just around the  corner.
Ugly situations will become beautiful.
No matter how high a bird flies, its still coming to the ground.
No matter how long a war goes on, the survivors will see the end of it.
The highest Part of a mountain is its peak.
The longest river has an end.
Imaginations are limited.
The powerful can get powerless,
The borrower can become a lender,
A fool can acquire wisdom,
The poor can become rich,
Captives can become free,
The jailer can be imprisoned,
No matter how long you live, your life will surely come to an end.
The most beautiful rose will wither,
The colourful rainbow will disappear,
The glittery peacocks feather will fall and get carried away by the  wind.
Life is short, but it will out live you, take it for granted, it will  forsake you.
Love life, and you will live happily, Explore it and you will find its beauty.
If you are at the bottom, you still have a chance to get to the top.  If you are on top of the world, treat the people below you right even  when they have a wrong impression about you. Accept whatever life brings your way and handle it with care.
Against  all odds,show love and stand strong to survive the tests of life.
From  these tests, you will get testimonies that will prove to you that no  condition is permanent.